StatementGames LLC is a NEW FORM OF FANTASY SPORTS.  Watch and listen as Nicole Ryan From SiriusXM - Morning MashUp walks you through an overview of our game. 

Behind The Barricade is a LIVE interactive wrestling Radio Show on Sundays from 2pm ET to 4pm ET on SportsOntheGo1! Make your opinion heard! They are the show for wrestling fans by wrestling fans!


RumblingRumors  is your number one source for Breaking Wrestling News, Articles, Memes, and more.


Once a month StatementGames will have the featured PPV tournament on  www.statementgames.com. Each month you will have the chance to win exclusive prizes just by participating in these tournaments or by following our wrestling content.



www.statementgames.com is a NEW FANTASY SPORTS GAMING SYSTEM. Weather you are casual sports fan or a daily fantasy sports junkie - our simple but unique take on fantasy sports will forever change the way you view an NFL (National Football League), MLB (Major League Baseball), NBA (National Basketball Association)  or NHL (National Hockey League) sporting event. With traditional fantasy sports or daily fantasy sports games you are responsible for drafting players to represent your fantasy sports team. With StatementGames you never draft players - you select from a list of StatementGame’s Propositions / STATEMENTS that relate to a specific sporting event. (Over / Under – Will Happen or Will NOT Happen sporting scenarios) You compete within leagues of 8-12 participants and earn PTS for the correct STATEMENTS selected. We are a FREE to Play sports gaming system and invite you to become a member of our Pilot Community by clicking HERE!  We know you will have FUN with our new spin on Fantasy Sports.  StatementGames LLC – Taking Fantasy Sports To The NEXT Level!

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